Newly Listed! Fine Homes North of Atlanta

As we’ve shared here before, Suwanee and north Atlanta offer Southern living at it’s finest.  On the banks of the Chattahoochee, not far from beautiful Lake Sydney Lanier, the area is a nature lover’s paradise.  Beyond the pines and through the hardwoods, you’ll discover you’re not far from the shops, restaurants, and entertainment unique to Suwanee. But what exactly do you have access to when you live locally?

You’ll find a broad range of homes for sale in and around the north Atlanta area.   Families flocking here often enjoy the easy camaraderie of a swim/tennis community, or the privacy of a secluded lot.  Homes are very affordable and chock-full of upgrades.  Here are just a few locally listed homes that have plenty to offer.



Homes for Sale in Sugar Hill

6415 Grand Magnolia Drive, in Sugar Hill, is listed at $329,900. This beautiful two-story boasts an open, welcoming floor plan,  extensive decks overlooking a fenced and private back yard, and many extras.  Your address will put you minutes from Lake Lanier, the perfect place for recreation and entertainment.  The Mall of Georgia is also close by, with Macy’s and Nordstrom, JC Penney, and Belk.  Convenient to schools and both 400 and I-985, it’s only one of the fine homes for sale north of Atlanta.





Families seeking a spacious showcase should also consider 1021 White Cloud Ridge in Snellville.  With all the features of a stately Southern home and a wonderful location in the Bright Water community, this hope offers a custom design, fresh paint and hardware, along with plenty of upgrades such as an in-law suite with a wet bar and a pristine media room.  And, with 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, it’s a bargain among our homes for sale at $469,900.

We offer hundreds of homes for sale in and around north Atlanta. Take a look through our listings and contact one of our agents. We’ll find your perfect home among our homes for sale.

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Visitor’s Guide to Suwanee: 3 Things for Your Guests to Know

Because of its prime location, Suwanee is often considered one of America’s ten best towns for families.  Whether you crave time in nature, excellent dining and shopping options, or free community events, Suwanee has something for you. But something you might not have considered is that Suwanee is also a wonderful place to welcome your guests to as well. So once you’ve decided to make the move to Suwanee, plan to have an extra room for those guests! Here are just a few of the reasons our homeowners’ guests coming back for visits to Suwanee.

Award-Winning Parks

With more than five parks, Suwanee is known for its beautiful scenery.  Between all the parks that are available, the activities in which you can participate are numerous.  From nature hikes to jogging to playground fun to picnics to flying kites, your options are truly endless.  If you love to be outdoors, then Suwanee is the place for you.

Downtown Fun

If you’re visiting Suwanee, you can’t miss Town Center Park.  As the “front yard” of the city, Town Center Park is located downtown and boasts several attractions.  It’s the perfect place to dine, shop, and meet up with friends.  It also holds the Big Splash interactive fountain, so there’s truly something for everyone in the family.  In addition to the boutiques and restaurants you’ll find right downtown, another perk of living in or visiting Suwanee is that you’re also close to the Mall of Georgia and other major retail locations.


Entertainment at Its Finest

Town Center Park is not only home to multiple shopping and dining sites, but it is also the community gathering place for residents of Suwanee.  Suwanee hosts more than 40 events a year, most of which take place at Town Center Park.  The best part?  The majority of them are free!  From concerts to festivals to fashion shows, you’ll never be bored when you live in Suwanee.

There is plenty of great entertainment around Suwanee. Whether you take your guests to watch football games, catch up with them in a restaurant with a fabulous ambiance, or show them the highlights of the city, we’re happy to help you find more ways to make Suwanee home!

Ready to move and be a part of this community?  Give the agents at Coldwell Banker RMR a call today!

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Credit Scores: How They Actually Affect Homebuying

Buying a home can be a daunting process, especially if you’re worried about your credit. When it comes to the world of credit scores and home-buying, many people are confused regarding what’s needed in order to obtain a mortgage. Some don’t even bother with trying to buy a home because they believe it’s impossible for them. However, there are plenty of ways to get into your own home; it just takes some effort and a skilled team behind you. Here are some things you should know before you let credit scores intimidate you.

How does credit affect buying a home?

Suwanee Real Estate Professionals
How much do you really know about your credit score?

Before you begin the home-buying process, you need to understand credit scores and what they mean to lenders. A perfect credit score is 850, while anything lower than 500 could get you dismissed. While having a score of 850 is impossible, you should aim for a 760 or above, which is considered top-tier. However, there are other factors that lenders take into consideration. Credit history, for example, is something that lenders take very seriously. Whether you have a high or low credit score, your history will play a big role in the lender’s decision. If you’ve been late paying bills within the last two years, lenders may hesitate to give you a loan. Another factor lenders consider is debt-to-income ratio, how much you make each month compared to how much you owe. It’s important to keep in mind that lenders look at all three of these elements when considering you for a home loan.

Is it possible to qualify for a home loan with poor credit?

If you just read the above paragraph and found yourself thinking you can’t get a home loan, don’t! There are resources available to not only help you improve your credit score, but also to get you into your own home. You can qualify by doing the following:

• Preparing for a high interest rate
• Proving a steady income
• Getting rid of or reducing other debts
• Saving for a down payment
• Having a co-signer.

In addition, you can search for loan programs that cater to people with low credit scores. For example, FHA loans often have less strict requirements to qualify. Otherwise, contact a local lender (we have several we can recommend) and ask them about credit repair programs. This might take longer, but you’ll benefit with lower interest rates.

At Coldwell Banker RMR in Gwinnett County, we have relationships with lenders and can get you into a house with less than perfect credit. Give us a call at (678) 318-7900 to get started!


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Suwanee Fest Comes to Town Center Park in September

The first ever two-day Suwanee Fest is coming to Town Center Park September 20 and 21.  Previously known as the Suwanee Day festival, the annual event has made headlines for 30 years.  Having been so successful in the past, the Suwanee Day festival has grown drastically from its 75 attendants back in 1984.  Because of this growth, this year the festival will take place over the course of two days.  With live music, arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, a parade, and much more, this event is sure to be one for the books!

Heroes – Red, White & You                                                                      

To kick off the weekend, there will be a parade themed “Heroes – Red, White & You” beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.  The parade will feature decorated floats, entertainers, marching bands, and local youth.  Parade entrants have the chance to win cash prizes in various categories, such as most creative and most entertaining.  The registration deadline is September 10, so act fast if you want to be a part of the excitement!

Entertainment Buzz

Over the course of the weekend, more than 12 performance groups will take the stage to show you a good time.  Everyone from Reptile Man to a Jimmy Buffett tribute band will be there, making for an eclectic line-up.  What’s even better is that each performance is open to the public – for free.  Here’s a taste of what you have to look forward to:Suwanee Fest

  • All Stars Performing Arts
  • Stone Mountain Chorus
  • Colby Dee
  • 15 Minutes of Fame
  • Gwinnett School of Rock
  • Tiger Martial Arts

Location, Location, Location

What better place to hold this well-known festival than at the award-winning Suwanee Town Center? It’s the place to be!  It represents the sense of community and home that residents have come to know and love.  With various events held at Town Center Park each year, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to call Suwanee home.  Local entertainment, as well as lots of green space, makes Town Center Park a valued asset to citizens.

Whether you live in the area or just near it, you don’t want to miss Suwanee Fest!  With so many things to do and see, it will surely be a weekend to remember.  For more information, check out Suwanee Fest’s event site.


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Suwanee Ranks as One of the Best Places to Raise Kids

Choosing a place to raise your family is not an easy decision.  In fact, it’s one of the most difficult – and important – ones you’ll ever make.  There are several factors to consider, which can quickly become overwhelming.  However, if you’re looking for a fun, safe place to raise your children, look no farther than Suwanee, Georgia.  With top-rated schools, plenty of parks, and a close proximity to Atlanta, this town has everything you need to feel right at home. In fact, HGTV even highlighted Suwanee as one of the best places to raise kids. Check out the video and exciting information below to see how Suwanee continuously makes headlines.  Kids Activities in Suwanee

Top-Notch Schools                                          

With some of the highest ranked schools in the state, Suwanee provides a strong educational foundation for your children.  For example, Suwanee Elementary ranked better than 90.4 percent of elementary schools in Georgia, according to School Digger.  Suwanee also boasts five public schools with a Great Schools rating of 10, the highest possible rating.  In addition, Gwinnett County Public Schools won the 2010 Broad Prize, which is the largest education award in the country and is given to school districts that show the greatest student improvement and performance.

An Abundance of Green Space

One of the things residents are most proud of is the amount of parks and green space available.  In 2001, voters approved an open space initiative in order to make the creation of more green space possible.  With several parks, a Big Splash fountain, and a greenway trail, there is no shortage of outdoor activities.  One park in particular, Town Center Park, boasts ten beautiful acres.  Residents consider this area their “front yard.”  Concerts, running, walking, and picnicking are just a few of your options at Town Center Park, as well as at the other parks in town.

A Short Drive to Atlanta

Parks are great for weekends, but in your search for a new hometown you probably also want to consider the distance to the nearest large city, whether for work or play.  Suwanee excels in this area, as well.  With only 33 miles between the town and Atlanta, you can enjoy a short 35-minute drive into the city.  Whether you work in Atlanta and are concerned about the commute, or you simply want the option of driving into the city for a night out, this is an ideal spot.

If you’re searching for a beautiful, community-driven place to raise your family, then consider Suwanee.  Great schools, plenty of parks, and a short commute to Atlanta make this town the perfect spot for today’s family.

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Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Why is it that epiphanies always seem to happen on the heels of an accident?  For me, it was a tumble to the ground that resulted in 6 stitches that brought about one  for me.  “Stay alert, stay alive”…4 simple words usually associated more with dangerous activities than merely walking, but still, strong words to live and work by.

Let me further explain.  By staying alert in life, you become open to possibilities and opportunities that may arise.  For example, by simply listening and asking questions, you may find that through simple interactions, people are willing to open up and share about themselves.  It is in those moments of learning outside of one’s self that can actually create opportunities you might not have had if you’d kept your mouth shut.  So stay alert to the people you meet, open yourself up to questioning as well.  It is through these interactions that possibilities arise that could create a situation to further yourself in life and in business (hence the stay alive part).  So the next time you have an opportunity to just smile and say hello to someone, take a chance! You never know what life is going to hand you!

Irrigation systems and winter

Winter has definitely started.  So just wanted to send a reminder to you all that if you have an irrigation system on your property, make sure that you not only re-schedule the timing for the system, but to also turn the water off completely until the spring.  Not doing this can cause some major problems.  For example, if the power goes out, the system will re-set itself to turn on and you will find everything quickly coated in ice.  Even worse, you could cause the water lines to freeze as well causing major damage that you won’t discover until you try to use the system when warmer weather finally arrives. In addition, make sure that all the water running to the outdoor faucets are turned off too.  Wouldn’t want one of those bursting into your home. Taking the necessary precautions early can definitely save you money in the long run.